Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Polygraph Lie Detector Exams in Ventura County

Infidelity Testing / General Polygraph Testing

Get to the bottom of domestic and other issues once and for all,
Forget your suspicions, let your questions be answered ....

Infidelity and General Polygraph Services:

arrow Cheating/Infidelity arrow Nanny/Housekeeper
arrow Domestic Issues arrow Family Law
arrow Marital Disputes arrow Teen Issues
arrow Drug and Alcohol Abuse arrow Theft/Robbery
arrow Family Issues

When precious trust is lost in a relationship, it could takes years and more years to recover, if ever. In many cases the evidence of adultery is not definitive, so one reliable way to find out the truth is through polygraph testing.

Polygraph exams are used extensively for relationship issues. This is one area of testing where experience makes a big difference. The wording of test questions is very critical to a successful exam, since many words can be interpreted differently by different people. See below for examples of acceptable and unacceptable exam questions.

All of the examiners at Ventura Polygraph are experienced and qualified to provide these types of exams.

The following are types of exams available for Relationship Issues

Cheating/Fidelity - This format is used to determine whether one partner has had sexual contact with anyone else besides his/her partner. Other related items may include questions about dating, kissing, contact with "exes," etc.

Personal History - This format is appropriate when a partner needs to verify aspects of his/her partner's background, such as sexual history, drug or alcohol habits, gambling, health issues (particularly STD's), and excessive financial obligations.

Internet Activities - Not all "cheating" requires physical contact. Polygraph can be used to determine the extent of "sexual" activities conducted over the internet, such as visits to pornographic sites, dating sites, visits to sexual chat rooms, interactive sexual web sites, or having "cyber sex" (sexual chat) with someone who is not his/her partner.

Ventura Polygraph can perform the Polygraph Exam at your location or in our office. 3 or more tests will be administered to determine accurate results with a new top of the line “Limestone” Computerized Instrument. We offer a fully mobile service for our RELIABLE COMPUTERIZED LIE DETECTOR TESTING

Instant Results 24/7 !!!

Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles  Counties
We are freeway close to both Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties. We offer a fully mobile service throughout California. Let us bring the equipment to you.

View our Sample of Acceptable and Unacceptable Polygraph Questions



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