Saturday, September 26, 2020
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I would just like to thank Kelly for your wonderful help and support to complete strangers.  You went far beyond any expectation on a Sunday, even canceling personal plans, to help my daughter get an urgent polygraph.  You took the time to explain everything to us at a very stressful time which really helped to calm us down. You answered all of our questions about your training and background.  Fortunately, but at the last minute, someone else confessed and exonerated my daughter. We had to cancel with you, but you would not take compensation for all of your help, setting up the test, etc. Once again thank you and should the need for a polygraph arise in the future, you will be the first one we call.


“When you want the investigation done right, Kelly is the only investigator for me. Also, her video evidence is phenomenal. ”

Marc Brauer, Attorney at Law (Practicing Law for over 33 years)

“Kelly’s tenacious efforts, diligence and devoted work led to the success of our case. We could not have done it without her and the outcome would have been unlikely in the manner it was achieved.”

Lon B. Issacson, Lon B. Isaacson and Associates "Attorney at Law".

I recently had the opportunity to work with Ventura Investigations on a personal matter. I do not live in California, but I needed surveillance there. I was able to reach them immediately, they went to work for me on very short notice, and they got the information I required to put the matter to rest. I was very pleased with their discretion, confidentiality, professionalism and communication. They were very easy to work with. I would not hesitate to hire Ventura Investigations again.

Robert Bingham, New York

This woman is amazing to say the least. We were able to utilize her polygraph and private investigation techniques and not only discover who was stealing large amounts of money from our business, but she also conducted surveillance and identified who was vandalizing our business on a weekly basis. This was a situation where we had police assistance but with no results. She came in and had these two major issues solved within a short amount of time and with extreme professionalism. We will be ever so grateful to Kelly for taking the time and using her passion to help us solve these terrible issues and get on with our lives.

Norma Halbern, Business Owner Ventura County, CA

To Kelly:

I just wanted to thank you for really taking care of me thru out this mess with my now renewed husband. I never thought I would have to resort to having my spouse who is my whole world, take a polygraph, but there was no other answer.Although I realize polygraph is just a tool, it just laid the facts out for me and I believe in the whole process. I do realize that all police officers are required to take a polygraph exam prior to them getting the law enforcement position, and that helps me to realize it really works and I need to trust the exam and most of all the examiner.

Also I understood the process of finding a good examiner and ensuring that they were a graduate of an APA accredited polygraph school and a member of APA. Kelly is both. This was the scariest thing I have encountered in a long time, however, the results came out in our favor, and my husband has never been a better partner. Thank you Kelly for your kindness to us both and most of all making us feel comfortable thru this difficult situation. You are the best!!!!

Sophia Martinez, a concerned and now content wife.

I recently had a polygraph exam by Kelly at Ventura Polygraph to prove my innocence in a matter which I was being accused of. I elected to have myself tested and incur the cost myself.There is nothing more frustrating then being accused of a matter you did not do or were involved in. Kelly had assured me on the phone that it didn’t matter if I was nervous when I came in to their office as they did not test for nervousness, in fact, they expect all their clients to be nervous and if they are not, they are trying to fix or correct themselves which is not advised. Just go in nervous as I did, she recognizes the nervousness on her instrument and the exam continues from there. Remember, even the truthful people get nervous too when taking a polygraph exam, it’s just a normal reaction. My test came out non deceptive as I knew it would, but just wanted to thank Kelly for taking me in on a short notice and getting my report to me within an 2 hours. I really appreciate that type of service in a very important matter. I will pass your name around for your polygraph or investigation services gladly.

Very truly yours,

Sherman Daley


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