Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Sample Polygraph Questions


Acceptable general fidelity questions -

  1. Since (date) have you had sexual intercourse** with anyone besides (name)?
  2. Since (date) have you gone on a date with anyone besides (name)?
  3. Since (date) have you romantically kissed anyone besides (name)?
  4. Since (date) did you tell anyone you were planning to leave / break up with / divorce (name)?

** or "oral sex" or "sexual contact"

Acceptable specific fidelity questions -

  1. During (time period) did you have sexual intercourse ** with (name)?
  2. During (time period) did you kiss (name)?
  3. During (time period) did you tell anyone other than (name) that you were in love with them?
  4. During (time period) have you had any contact with (name)?
  5. During (time period) did you meet with (name) for any reason?
  6. During (time period) have you had a telephone (or internet) conversation of a sexual nature with anyone?
  7. Are you currently running any online profiles of yourself for dating purposes?

** or "oral sex" or "sexual contact"

Acceptable general activity questions -

  1. During (time period) have you regularly corresponded with anyone unknown to (name)?
  2. During (time period) have you been inside any strip bars or clubs?
  3. During (time period) have you visited any massage parlors?
  4. During (time period) have you viewed any explicit pornography?
  5. During (time period) have you masturbated (to pornography)?
  6. During (time period) have you visited any explicitly pornographic web sites?
  7. Do you currently have any screen names you are hiding from (name)?
  8. Are you intentionally concealing any money (or assets) from (name)?

Acceptable personal history questions -

  1. Have you ever been married (other than disclosed)?
  2. Do you have any (undisclosed) children that you know of?
  3. Have you ever used physical force to have sex with someone?
  4. During your lifetime, have you had sexual intercourse with more than (number) of different partners?
  5. Have you ever had sexual intercourse with a blood relative?
  6. As an adult, have you had sexual intercourse (or contact) with a child under age 16?
  7. Have you ever drugged anyone in order to have sex with that person?
  8. Have you ever paid (or been paid) to have sex with someone?
  9. Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex?
  10. Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease that you were aware of?
  11. Have you ever given someone else a sexually transmitted disease that you are aware of?


  1. Do you love (name)?
  2. Do you love (name) more than (name)?
  3. Do you want to be with (name)?
  4. Have you done anything inappropriate with (name)?
  5. Do you plan to stay with (name)?
  6. Are you attracted to (name)?
  7. Do you want to leave (name) for (name)?
  8. Do you intend to be faithful to (name)?
  9. Did you ever cheat on (name)?
  10. Have you ever lied to (name)?


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